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TopoL Mobile is cheap and simple GIS solution for field data collection and navigation with GNSS. It runs under Windows CE, Windows Mobile operating system on Pocket PC.

TopoL Mobile has these unique features

forest map

forest map

Benefits for you

Why to decide for TopoL Mobile

It is easy to use in many areas. It has very intuitive user interface that requires no training.

Who is using TopoL Mobile

measured field

measured field

This system can be applied in solving a number of tasks in many areas. Everyone can certainly imagine where to use such systems, but for clarity, individual tasks can be divided into the following groups:


signal strength

signal strength

TopoL Mobile includes tools to connect GNSS

and to display all parameters sent by GNSS (position, number and position of sattelites, signal quality, HDOP, PDOP etc.). TopoL Mobile enables to navigate to defined position, to move automatically the viewport by GNSS position, to make the measurement of point, lines and areas with automatic calculation of line length and area size and perimeter.


During GNSS measurement one of several methods can be used. The position is registered

In case of averaging in first step the standard deviation of measured values is calculated and in the second step new average is calculated from measured values, which fall inside this standard deviation. In that case the system is able to eliminate distant measurements and can get higher accuracy.


Users can define that they want to have database attributes attached to each new object. They can create the database template with names and types of database attributes and with their definitions (Users can save any value into that attribute, value from defined interval or from a set of values).

I want to test it

You can download and test TopoL Mobile. If you install it it will work as demo version. It means that you can display all supported data formats, but new measured objects are not saved and the measured leangth or area size are not displayed. The navigation does not work as well. If you decide to buy it, you can just order it, register it and it will work in full version without reinstallation.